[yeah i know i suck at tales, it's wip]

[basically a future version of mankind has been consumed by SCP-3125. there is a small group of survivors from the foundation are in a meme-proof bunker trying to figure out what to do. they create a special probe designed to warn mankind of the threat]

[by creating a "safe" antimeme which people could detect without mnestics, they could alert the earlier foundation to develop techniques for handling other antimemes, and eventually a plan for neutralizing SCP-3125. its antimemetic properties prevent indirect observation of its purpose (to neutralize SCP-3125), maintaining containment. it places itself in the most populated foundation site and attempts to expose itself to as many personnel as possible. it also terminates those personnel if it detects SCP-3125 infection]

Marion Wheeler was sitting at her desk, massaging her temples. She had taken them twice a day for as long as she could remember, but mnestics always stung for the first fifteen minutes. Ideas burned into her skull, as she felt the medicine refreshing them.

For a moment her thoughts flitted towards SCP-055. The seminal antimeme, simultaneously undiscoverable and always available in the database. Even with the stronger variants of mnestics, it seemed to entirely elude direct understanding, but you could understand everything else around it. It's not spherical. It's not Safe, or Euclid. Obviously, an undetectable, unknown force should be Keter.

A thought pricked Marion's conscious. What if it's not Keter? What if it was Thaumiel?

Her computer beeped, notifying her of a new email. The thought quickly left her mind.