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Item #: SCP-4XXX



Special Containment Procedures: .

Description: SCP-XX refers to a series of paranormal phenomena affecting Candace Harker, a 27-year-old woman from TODO location. Beginning on 2017/02/19, Candace Harker began receiving messages and gifts from an unknown source (designated SCP-XX-1), which self-identified as Charles Green. Green and Harker were briefly romantically involved until his disappearance on 2016/11/05. Material received via SCP-XX is believed to carry a cognitohazardous effect: despite its harmless content, Harker developed paranoia and identified SCP-XX-1 as having hostile intent. Countermemetic therapy had limited effectiveness, as symptoms returned within two days.

Addendum XX-1: Timeline of SCP-XX events

On 2017/02/23, local police received the first reports of messages from SCP-XX-1, a selection of which have been reproduced below:

Date: 2017/02/19
Medium: Handwritten letter
Discovery: Mailbox, no return address

Dearest Candace, I have missed you. I hope you have not forgotten me.

It has been many years, have you been well?

Date: 2017/02/20
Medium: Handwritten letter
Discovery: Mailbox, no return address

I saw a TODO today: it reminds me of the times we spent together. I hope we can visit TODO soon.

(Three similar letters were sent for each day)

Police declined to investigate, as the subject matter was inocuous and SCP-XX-1 did not physically appear at Harker's residence.

On 2017/05/15, police received a second report regarding SCP-XX behavior. Harker claimed that she h

The Foundation became involved following


Medium: Written in blueberry juice
Discovery: Bathroom wall

I hope you are well.

Medium: Formed from stray hairs
Discovery: Sofa cushion

Remember that I love you.


Medium: Indentations in standard rations
Discovery: During Harker's morning meal

Love you sweetie, I'm coming home from work soon.

Addendum XX-?: Incident XX-FINAL

On 2018/XX/XX, the surveillance systems in the High-Security Humanoid Wing of Site-TODO experienced an outage. During this time, all security personnel found themselves unconscious due to unknown effect. 48 minutes later it was discovered that Candace Harker's cell had been forced open, and that she was deceased. Signs of a struggle were present, such as tears in clothing and numerous lacerations on the corpse. Notably, Harker's entrails were arranged to spell "I will always be there to protect you".

Since the incident, no further SCP-XX events have occurred. The anomaly has been reclassified to Neutralized.