fragment:Metrocard (1)


Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XX is kept in a standard small-item anomaly vault. Access is restricted to individuals with 4/XX clearance.

Description: SCP-XX is collection of MetroCards, of the kind issued by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.1 While the material appears to match the composition of non-anomalous cards, when used at any ticket gate, permits entry regardless of the apparent lack of monetary value loaded onto it.

Any individuals who utilized SCP-XX to enter a station will observe several trains appear at platforms that do not appear on any schedules, and are completely unobservable to other passengers. They will manifest in unusual manners, often travelling in the opposite direction of usual traffic, or immediately before or after another train. Humans matching ████████ can be seen entering or leaving the trains on a regular basis.

The system has detected you hold 4/XX clearance. Would you like to see that version of the file?
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