This Too Shall Pass

Rot, a non-anomalous consequence of SCP-XX.

Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is to develop areas of academic pursuit, both internally and externally. New departments and sites are to be created to study new locations, phenomenon, or initiate research projects, in accordance with Continuity Protocol. Sudden changes in verified properties of SCP-XX are to be reported immediately.

Efforts to more precisely determine SCP-XX's value and its effects are ongoing.

Description: SCP-XX is a universal constant whose value, regardless of frame of reference, decreases when measured. Its existence and some of its properties have been determined from various otherwise-separate fields of study. As of 18 Mar 2019 04:50, the following properties of SCP-XX have been proven:

  • It is a positive real number.
  • It is greater than 279 and less than 3.7 × 1010.
  • Its rate of decrease is irregular.
  • Many universal phenomena are tied to changes in its value.

Due to SCP-XX's essential nature within all presently known laws of physics and paranormal interactions, a full catalogue of its consequences is not knowable. Below is an abbreviated list of studied effects of SCP-XX:

Phenomenon Description of Effect
Entropy Within areas with stable Hume levels, all non-anomalous interactions occur in ways that increase the total entropy of the universe. Perfectly efficient exchanges of matter and energy are not possible.
Hume Loss Ontokinetic manipulations of spacetime always cause the amortized reality level to decrease. This means that a reality-bending entity in a fully isolated environment utilizing its abilities would eventually cause total reality degradation, destroying itself.
Extradimensional Corrosion Attempts to replenish the prime universe's reverses of matter or energy from nearby universes results in a slow deteriorative effect of all portals, which will lead to the inability for either universe to reach dimensions other than their own.
Kejel's Law of Ectoentropic Anomalies Empirically, it has been observed that all anomalies capable of producing new matter or energy with seemingly no source all tend towards neutralization. The effect was originally discovered after researchers assigned to SCP-447 noted it was producing 0.8% less material than during initial containment.
Narrative Decohesion A tentative hypothesis from the Pataphysics Department suggests that narrative constructs experience degradation as a function of time. Further research is ongoing.

Addendum XX-1: Continuity Protocol

On 2014/08/04, the Pataphysics Department released a report on SCP-XX. A study of several Foundation sites and departments showed increased TODO>

To improve containment of SCP-XX, the project's research team has proposed the Continuity Protocol. While there exists no means to neutralize or permanently suspend the inevitable ZK-class scenario, it is feasible to delay it for an extremely long time.