Las Vegas Temple
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Exterior of SCP-XX

Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The sub-basement where SCP-XX-1 and SCP-XX-2 are kept is to be restricted to individuals with 3/XX clearance. SCP-XX-1 is to remain continually activated. In the case of maintenance or degraded performance, the redundant unit is to be powered on and all SCP-XX-2 artifacts are to be realigned.1

In the case of total unit failure or an unexpected change in the detected Tartarean Resonance Energy (TRE), Mobile Task Force Chi-3 ("Exorcists") is to secure the Las Vegas area and neutralize hostile entities in accordance to Protocol 043-Nephi.

While powered, only personnel with an active temple recommend may be within SCP-XX.

Description: SCP-XX is the LDS Las Vegas Temple. It has a number of anomalous installations and other components, which collectively produce an akiva field with a TRE of -4. The produced waveform is produced through a series of piety-wave antennae located in each of SCP-XX's spires. The total area affected is bounded near Nx-666 "Undervegas" through the use of modified Yhurt-II thaumic wards, losing energy in a 12 meter boundary region. In open areas the radiation typically dissipates over 28-37 kilometers, dependent on terrain and weather conditions.

The TRE waveform produced has extremely deterimental effects on demonic entities: Type-III entities or lesser will experience weakened physical or partial demanifestation, and Type-I entities will experience rapid, violent banishment.

SCP-XX channels the latent akiva output of the civilian populace into a resonant field designed to inhibit demonic activity outside of controlled areas. Its various components are separated into two groups, SCP-XX-1, two Parabolic Akiva Inversion Reflector (PAIR) units, and SCP-XX-2, a collection of 83 anomalous items held jointly by the Foundation and BYU's Department of Sacred Artifacts.2 The items within SCP-XX-2 generally are structured to serve one of two goals, either the collection and conversion of akiva energy, or its repropagation as an inverse Tartarean akiva wave. SCP-XX-1 was created in a joint Foundation-BYU-SA during Project CODENAME to enhance the efficiency of the existing infrastructure.

Addendum XX-1: Project CODENAME History

The BYU Department of Sacred Artifacts reached out to the Foundation in February of 1991 at the direction of then-LDS Prophet Ezra Taft Benson. Eschatologists working for the church were concerned about the rise in TRE 2 and 4 waves, which were increasing significantly in amplitude over the previous decade. They had originally modified the design of the Las Vegas Temple to create what Benson described as a "sin shield" intended to deter demonic activity in the area. On April 3rd, the O5 Council approved Project CODENAME, which included cooperation with the group of interest to enhance SCP-XX's ademonic capabilities.


Addendum XX-2: SCP-XX-1 Project Head Commentary

After the contact with the BYU Department of Sacred Artifacts, Senior Researcher George Porter was assigned to work on SCP-XX. Porter was asked to keep a journal reporting on his observations. A selection of his notes are produced below:

Filed as: XX-L00144834
Date: 1991/02/12

So, looks like we're working with the Mormons on building an ademonic radiation array. I didn't even realize they had a damn occult group, shows how much I know about them. Anyways, we did a walkthrough, and while I kind of understand how it all works, the thing is jury-rigged to hell and back. Our goal is to replace all the free-floating anomalous objects they have as part of the system and engineer something solid, Foundation-style.

We'll be doing another round table with the BYU people tomorrow, should be informative.

Filed as: XX-L00144920
Date: 1991/02/12

I like their plan. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's going to need a hell of a lot of work before it's production-grade, but they got good heads on their shoulders. The akiva flux dispersal system they have is mostly a mess just because they didn't have high enough quality beryllium-bronze, so they used this weird anomalous railroad spike that can summon lightning: they get the air all static-y from akiva accumulation and then zap it to force it into the Hobbes capacitor. Pretty ingenious.

And they seem to be appreciative that we're taking on so much of the cost. Well, almost all of it really. Acting Director House (draft note: since Site-109 isn't built yet) was here just the other day to tell us we should focus on quality engineering and leave balancing the books to him.

Filed as: XX-L00148056
Date: 1991/02/20

Was talking with one the thaumaturgy researchers, Henderson I think. He said he didn't used to believe in the supernatural. Like, he said that he knew all those miracles and blessings were real, but that they were just god being way more knowledgable of science than us. Reminds me of when I started my career, when even the simple anomalies tripped me the fuck out. Good times.

Filed as: XX-L00148342
Date: 1991/02/22

Got a prototype of the akiva reflector working. It's miniature of course, but it's pretty good even with our shoddy assembly. I feel good about our progress so far: if we can angle this right alone the Vegas ley line we should get a 3x or even 4x resonance increase.

I invited Henderson for drinks. I forgot they don't drink.

todo: finish this section with lots of dialogue, showing the general increase in "haze" and slightly unusual behavior

Addendum XX-2: Personnel Report
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