Amphictyonis-1 Distributed Task Forces
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Mission Statement: Dedicated to the containment and/or neutralization of extradimensional anomalous threats; committed to supporting relevant research and development of extranormal technologies to elevate the Foundation and its objectives; and devoted to maintaining beneficial diplomatic relationships with exo-universal allies.

Mobile Task Force Amphictyonis-1-Alpha
"Infinity and Beyond"

Current Leader: Captain Kariina Karataeva

Current Complement: 45

Base of Operations: Site-623

Operations Overview:

Stationary Task Force Amphictyonis-1-Beta
"Mission Control"

Current Leader: Commander Vaishnavi Balakrishnan

Current Complement: 37

Base of Operations: Site-623 TUCCS

Operations Overview:

Diplomatic Task Force Amphictyonis-1-Gamma
"Good Neighbors"


Representatives at a conference in U-4046Y (2008).

Current Leader: Consul General Chang Luo-Shun

Current Complement: 35

Base of Operations: Site-623 Trans-Universal Embassy, various extradimensional consulates

Operations Overview:

Applied Task Force Amphictyonis-1-Omega
"Helene Dukas"

Current Leader: Special Agent Juan Sebastián Navarro

Current Complement: [CLASSIFIED]

Base of Operations: [CLASSIFIED]

Operations Overview: