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Thanatonauts (literally "death travelers")

Precognitive Causal-Determinism Immunization (PreCDIn)

Sladek-Feynman Theory of Predictive Narrative Cohesion

Excerpted from "Brain Power: A Revised Overview of the Sladek Principle." Metaphysics Report, Foundation, 1985. Vol 5: 135–148.


See, what we have here is not magic or voodoo or whatever ██████ wants to call it. What we are observing is a direct influence of consciousness on quantum probability.

For example, let's come up with a probable outcome: you eating toast for breakfast tomorrow. Call it event 'x.' Unsupported, P(x) is infinitesimal; but a Type Yellow is capable of predicting x as an outcome, and we've found that P(x) increases exponentially with additional precognitive confirmation. This essentially allows us to bend causality to our will. With enough power directed at it, even the most dubious of outcomes could- potentially- be attained.


The key to this is working in general ideas rather than specific statements. Take the aforementioned 'toast' as an example of pushing the boundaries. We could theoretically alter probability on a large scale, but in order to succeed reliably, we need to set smaller goals. Yes, we're pushing for the outcome that you will have toast for breakfast. But will it be plain bread, or cinnamon raisin? Will you put jam on it? Will it be raspberry? Peach? Strawberry preserves? Who knows? The only thing that matters is the toast itself. See, by setting general goals, we allow causality to fill in the gaps, increasing the probability of favorable outcomes. That is the secret…

Dr. J. H. Feynman, Director of Parapsychology Research (1967-1993)

("Prophecy armor")