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RAISA Documentation Notice

The following file is a RECLASSIFICATION of a FOUNDATION-CREATED ANOMALY (FCA-257). As such, the SCP-XXXX handle is under review and subject to change. If the filename changes, the document can be located using keyword "EWG," which will be the primary designation used in the file.


EWG Delta preparing for transport. Note the localized "ripple" effect.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Gödel1 (Thaumiel)

Threat Level: ○ White | Circumstantial-Red

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is housed in the Trans-Universal Contact and Communication Sector (TUCCS) at Site-623. All travel to and from other universes must be performed under constant supervision from Stationary Task Force Amphictyonis-1-Beta ("Mission Control").

Routine maintenance will be carried out on a three-month rotation by specialized Level 4 technicians. Emergency servicing and repairs must be overseen by the Site-623 Maintenance Superintendent.

Description: SCP-XXXX designates three Ectodimensional Way Generators (EWGs Alpha, Beta, and Delta) and their housing area, created and maintained in the local universe by the native Foundation. These are the primary method of interdimensional travel and communication throughout Foundation-positive universes.

Way Generation uses a combination of gravitational spacetime bending and controlled thaumaturgy (based on studies of the use of thaumaturgical portals used by Group of Interest ALPHA-019, "The Serpent's Hand"). Due to the inherent potential threat, EWG specifications are classified and may only released at the discretion of the Department Director, Site-623 Maintenance Superintendent, and/or the Overseer Council.

Addendum XXXX.A - Timeline of Notable Events

March 1978: Following numerous observations of Foundation-positive universes (via SCP-507 and SCP-████) and communications received from SCPF-2UU-5I9-Q3D, the Extradimensional Anomalies Department is formed. Director Forth receives permission from Overwatch and Ethics Committee to begin developing interdimensional contact technology.

January 1983: The first functional EWG prototype (now designated SCP-XXXX-0) was created by Dr. Alice Forth, Dr. Mathias Kronecker, and Senior Researcher Allison Williams.

21 November 1985: The first successful interdimensional round-trip was performed by Captain Tymon Palkowski, Commander Anthony Bischoffshausen, and Lieutenant Corbin Davidov of Orbital Task Force Nyx-11.2 The crew transported to Universe 2UU-5I9-Q3D and returned to the local reality two hours later.

February 2001: Ectodimensional travel was shut down for two weeks to upgrade all EWGs with Class-C "Broken Entry" safeguards. Cross-universal channels were subsequently reopened without incident. This is currently the longest length of time that SCP-XXXX has remained inactive.

March 2018: Several ectodimensional channels were closed externally or otherwise disrupted, due to intense trans-universal conflict over issue MU-3856-SCT-LLOYD. Following an emergency shutdown for six days, Foundation iterations began to re-establish communications.