Ashbury Street's Proposal
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Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-001 is considered to be in a variable containment state, the esoteric class Minerva has been ratified to denote the following protocols:
  • The Minerva Committee will direct all operations concerning SCP-001. This committee is currently composed of the Overseer Council, select members of the Ethics Committee, dedicated Level 5/001 research staff, and Applied Task Force Odal-9 ("Pseudo-Seneca"). As per the current committee consensus, the SCP-001 'Foundation-protected zone' is a 2.39×1017 km3 area including the Earth and its moon; ATF ᛟ-9 will collaborate with OTF ग-3 in order to enforce this border.
  • Non-local instances of SCP-001 currently serving within the Foundation will not be dismissed, but are required to register with ATF ᛟ-9 and act in accordance with InV-Protocol-38 (including submission of unaltered genetic records).
  • Restricted Area-9 (located in rural Paraguay) will serve as a base of operations for SCP-001, and a checkpoint for non-local instances entering or exiting the Foundation-protected zone. The Director of Restricted Area-9 will be a random appointed member of the Minerva Committee, with administrative positions rotated on a biannual basis as per InV-Protocol-13.
  • Local instances of SCP-001 are not contained. Non-local instances of SCP-001 are not contained, but should be monitored when traveling in the Foundation-protected zone. The existence of non-local SCP-001 instances is protected under Class-IV informational suppression procedures. For these purposes, the Foundation Department of Extraterrestrial Anomalies is maintaining undercover operatives in key external agencies, including the China National Space Administration, Indian Space Research Organisation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, European Space Agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and Central American Association for Aeronautics and Space.
  • As per unanimous vote of the Minerva Committee, SCP-001 containment and suppression procedures will be rescinded indefinitely when local civilization meets the standards of the Lotus Point (see attached files).

Local population density of SCP-001.


General SCP-001 anatomy.

Description: SCP-001 designates all members of the Homo genus, specifically Homo sapiens and its subspecies. SCP-001 is currently believed to be the only natural form of sapient life in the universe.

While genetic and physiological deviations are widespread, all SCP-001 subspecies conform to the same basic patterns, including bipedal locomotion, carbon-based biology, vocal-kinesthetic communications, and mammalian anatomical features. Documented variations include Homo sapiens antecessor, Homo sapiens rubrumcervos, Homo sapiens ahmarian, Homo sapiens sapiens, Homo sapiens kepleric, and Homo sapiens echeloni.

The majority of the SCP-001 population is clustered in various habitable star systems throughout the Milky Way galaxy and its satellites. A semi-informal governmental body exists between these worlds, referred to as the Human Diaspora. Attached is a comprehensive log of the Diaspora's contact with the Foundation.