Department of Mythological Concerns

The DMC originated as a separate entity, a group known as the Ozymandias Control that formed during and after World War II. Their founder, Margarete Burwitz, was a defector from the Black Sun, a neopagan organization with strong Nazi philosophies. She brought together agents from the Allied Occult Initiative, GRU Division "P",

Artifact Registration and Evaluation System (ARES)

  • Jupiter-class artifacts are those that are currently applied by the Foundation for a variety of critical purposes; the benefits of the item are considered to outweigh the costs of containment.
  • Lotus-class artifacts pose a limited threat, and can be effectively contained through traditional methods.
  • Fenrir-class artifacts can only be contained through complex rituals or other unusual/difficult requirements.
  • Styx-class artifacts cannot be effectively contained by the Foundation, and are to be relinquished to Groups of Interest capable of doing so.
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Designation: NMA-5138 Date of Containment: 11-19-2013
ARES Class: Lotus Flags: ✇ Mind-Affecting, ✿ Biological


Item NMA-5138.

Containment Protocol: Item is kept in a high-security storage locker at Site-14. This locker requires special Level 3A/5138 access to unlock. Should transportation become necessary, the item is to be carried by D-class personnel selected for below-average physical fitness, or physical disability if available, equipped with a full-body protective suit and security escort armed with lethal weaponry.

All personnel working with NMA-5138 are required to undergo a full genetic screening. Any personnel exhibiting Haplogroup I-M253 are to be reassigned immediately.

Description: NMA-5138 is a scramasax, a type of sword commonly used by Norse Vikings between the eighth and twelfth centuries CE. It is of unusually large size, generally fitting characteristics of the 'heavy broad' type but measuring approximately 75 centimeters in length.

The item exhibits powerful physical, mental and emotional effects on any sapient individual who makes skin contact with it. Within seconds of exposure, the subject's adrenal activity increases by over 350%, flooding the system with corticosteroids and adrenaline hormones, effectively overwhelming rational thought processes and reverting the subject to a feral state of extreme aggression. Faculties such as language and logical reasoning are lost entirely— almost all neurological activity is devoted to reflexes and motor skills, in addition to maintaining the increased physical strength, endurance, and pain tolerance of high adrenal output.

Experiment Logs

Subject: D-77657

Procedure: Subject was locked in a Class-II reinforced concrete testing chamber, and instructed to remove NMA-5138 from its protective casing.

Results: Subject became violent and enraged (described by supervising staff as "animalistic"), and worsened when it found itself unable to break out of the testing chamber. Subject continued attacking the walls and door for approximately 2 hours and 57 minutes, repeatedly denting the steel door and tearing away 5 centimeters of concrete, before expiring from blood loss due to extreme trauma of the hands and lower arms.

Notes: Autopsy of subject indicates that an accelerated coagulation rate prevented exsanguination for almost an hour before it became insufficient to maintain hemostasis. Further testing will analyze the extent of the item’s biological effects.

Subject: D-22134

Procedure: Same as previous test, with D-22135 also present in the room.

Results: D-22134 violently attacked D-22135, killing them almost instantly (autopsy indicates blunt-force trauma severing the spine in six locations and shattering the rib cage, causing hemothorax). As soon as D-22135 expired, D-22134 lost interest in them and began attempting to break out of containment. Subject gradually died from blood loss as in previous test.

Subject: D-12317

Procedure: Same as previous tests, but one car (2005 Chevrolet Uplander) was placed in the testing chamber.

Results: Subject circled the vehicle, but did not attack, instead attempting to breach containment. Test proceeded near-identically to previous experiments.

Subject: D-11424

Procedure: Same as previous tests, but one car (2005 Chevrolet Uplander) was placed in the testing chamber.

Results: D-11424 reacted with apprehension, circling the vehicle before attacking. Subject began to tear large fragments of metal away from the exterior before violently dismantling the engine. After thirteen minutes, D-11424 punctured the fuel chamber and ignited the gasoline through unknown means,1 causing subject to expire from severe burns and damaging the testing chamber. Automatic fire suppression systems were activated and testing terminated.

Notes: Investigation into this incident found that D-11424 was involved in a DUI car accident that killed their spouse and children, and had suffered from major depression since the incident. It is theorized that NMA-5138 can use traumatic memories to enhance the extreme emotional state of affected subjects.

Subject: D-83971



Subject: D-40518