Articles that feature LGBT Characters

Articles or series that feature an LGBT character in an important role.


Note: This list contains SCPs and any Tales which are directly related to them.

S. D. Locke's Proposal - When Day Breaks
SCP-2039 - Pikes 'n' Wagners
SCP-2240 - Young Floridian Couple
SCP-2396 - Ms. Sweetie
SCP-2721 - Eli and Lyris
SCP-3090 - This girl's gone bad on a game attack!
You Ain't No Family
SCP-3430 - Baby Don’t Hurt Me…
SCP-3677 - Paradix High School: Paradise for the Paranormal
SCP-3723 - Already Perfect
SCP-3811 - A Therapist Needs A Therapist
SCP-4239 - Project Kenowhere Central Volunteer Hub
SCP-4669 - Nuestra Señora de la Revolución Popular

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