Coldposts, Volume 1



Object Class: Fucking Satan

Tiny Star

SCP-999 has shown no effect on it.

Autistic Screamer

*Screams at 500 decibels.*

Number Hell

The only way of entering the chamber is to use SCP-3185[3] to teleport in, the exact coordinates to be entered are X(Latitude)-62.431074232920906, Y(Altitude)-4058, Z(Longitude)89.82421875.

Security Procedure Hell

The digital lock must have a █,7█9,986,666,7█7,659,9█8,666,753,█71,754,9
07,668,█09,286,105,6██,143,1█0,275,902,562,30█ bit encryption

No Peeking!

If you place an item on it you will not get it back.

One Super Cat

Ex. hydrogen cat, scp-998 cat, huggy cat.

Plague Pineapple Doctor

"I find pineapple to be most flavorful"


The informations end here, for more information contact [REDACTED]

Spooky Scary Skeletons

I was wondering if you wanted to spook some kids with me!

J.I.N's Brother

SCP-3114 was very angry about being locked up


3984 Seems offended by his Remark. Using a [REDACTED] Gesture to the D-Class.


SCP-3127 is a black, humanoid organism with what looks like ink covering everywhere on its body except its face.


SCP-3114 is dangerous!

Just Jello

How SCP-3116 regenerate is still unknown.

Exploding Pens

The moment somebody writes something down using it, it will violently explode

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