001 Proposal -- "The Source"
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access file SCP-001

Level 5 authorization required to proceed.

Does the Black Moon howl?

When we stop hiding.

Access granted.

Document unlocked.

Anomaly Identification Number: 001

Anomaly Classification: Ahriman

Ahriman Classification Memorandum: The following is true of Ahriman-class anomalies:

  1. Anomaly cannot be contained in any way due to a specific reason.
  2. Anomaly will eventually cause 1 or more K-Class scenarios.
  3. Anomaly is capable of causing complete and entire eradication and annihilation of everything within existence simultaneously.

Threat Level: ‚óŹ Black

Specialized Containment Procedures: Due to the specifications of the anomaly, and its effects, it is uncontainable as per Ahriman designation. Contact is to be immediately made with surrounding universes and worlds in order to secure byproducts of SCP-001, contain them effectively, and protect the populace from them.

Anomaly Description: SCP-001 is an enormous biological mass currently orbiting outside of Multiverse 0011. The mass displays no anomalous traits upon physical observation, aside from the rapid generation of anomalous entities across several locations. It is unknown exactly how SCP-001 is capable of doing this; however, it has been certified via DRONELANE2 technology that the generated anomalies are simply byproducts of SCP-001's inherent greater purpose, whatever that may be.

Currently, [1] anomalies have been generated by SCP-001.

Of those anomalies, [1] are uncontained.