Draymouth Hub
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A detective, a magistrate, a reality bender, and other characters play out their roles in this drama when a conspiracy is uncovered.

The Foundation exists. But not to the public.


Nicholas Ford (Nic): A struggling investigator who may have just found the case of the century. Desperation, despondency, and depression have befallen this embattled man, who now may have a glimpse of hope. Even if it involves a serious ethical question.

Judith Williams: A magistrate who will do anything to leave her past behind. Judith has tried anything and everything, every drug, but nothing has worked to clear her memory.

Dreyfuss Parker: An incredibly powerful, escaped reality bender who works at a supermarket. Dreyfuss occasionally gets flashbacks when confronted with "the Triumvirate Circle".

Eva Hyannis: Director of Site-334. Enigmatic, dark, and quiet, like the Foundation.


Draymouth Isle: A small island off the coast of Scotland with an approximate population of 200.

Site-334: A relatively small Foundation site containing some "lock-away" anomalies and reality benders.

Stories (in chronological order):

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