Space Skip
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Anomaly Identification Number: XXXX

Anomaly Classification: Keter

Anomaly Threat Level: Orange

Specialized Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a gravitational field generated via six Specialized Astronomical Restraint Devices (SARDs) within the Foundation Andromeda Perimeter.


SARD-0009 during construction.

Any intergalactic reports concerning GoI-#7463 are to be treated as an actual threat, and Mobile Task Force Xi-83 "Redshirts" is to be dispatched to terminate any hostile members of GoI-#7463.

Anomaly Description: SCP-XXXX is a massive, mechanical entity constructed of pure titanium, metal, iron, [DATA EXPUNGED], and, in some sections of the body, esodite1.

SCP-XXXX is approximately 23 meters in height, and is humanoid in shape. Its coloration is, strangely, a bright red-and-white, with "プロジェクトやまと"2 inscribed upon the back of the head. The chest contains the main cockpit, from which the machine is operated. SCP-XXXX has an engine, the technology of which is very advanced, capable of breaking the light-speed barrier.

The anomaly was apparently created by GoI-#7463 "Project Yamato", a hostile, active force whose primary goal seems to be the study and eventual extinction of Class- Theta Large Extradimensional Biological-Thaumaturgical Hostiles.

SCP-XXXX is still operational when outside of its containment area, and will actively attempt to neutralize any planetary bodies it labels as dangerous3.

Although SCP-XXXX is not inherently aggressive, it will destroy any entities that attempt to obstruct its goal. GoI-#7463 appears to share the same creed, however, recovered documents state otherwise.

SCP-XXXX, once a month, will release gold-colored liquid secretions that are contained within pods labelled "ICHOR - PHYSICAL CONTACT WILL RESULT IN DEATH". These secretions are highly acidic, and will burn human skin in up to three seconds. The pods are ejected from the back of SCP-XXXX.