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SCP-4229. Image taken during EVENT DN-4229-33, 09/04/1974.

Special Containment Procedures: 6 FHT Security Frigates, along with Aquatic Research Vessel "Herron" will maintain a seven-point blockade around Site 4229-A. Currently monthly offerings must include:

  • 40-50kg Vegetables (ex. cassava, taro, sweet potato, purple yam)
  • 30-40kg Fruits (ex. mango, pinapple, cherimoya, jackfruit)
  • 50-80kg Fish (ex. Tuna, Salmon, Marlin, Dorado)
  • 40-80kg assorted nuts, herbs, and seaweed.
  • 60-80kg pork, shredded/smoked

Description: SCP-4229 is the entity referred to as "ƌsobiue", "Irn'acha", or "God of the Burning Ocean". The Department of Anthropology has connected multiple artifacts and oral traditions to this being; upwards of 19 unique oceanic cultures are theorized to have gone extinct as a direct result of it's actions. SCP-4229 resides in an extra-dimensional space accessible only through an active volcanic crater atop Moaha island (hereafter referred to as Site 4229-A). Outside of this space, SCP-4229 presents as a levitating sphere of molten rock, an estimated 2.8km radius.

At the beginning of each new lunar cycle1, SCP-4229 will cause an earthquake between 3.0-4.0 Richter magnitude. Within the next 24 hours, a large assortment of food must be deposited into the volcanic crater atop Site 4229-A. Each offering must vary in quantity and quality; trial-and-error has shown that uniform amounts are considered "deceptive" by SCP-4229. Based around the staple diet of an island-native society, current containment protocols have a steady 78-83% chance of being accepted by SCP-4229.

If an offering is rejected, a large-scale eruption event will occur. SCP-4229 will then emerge, and travel towards the perceived "leader" of the closest human social group. During this time, SCP-4229's exterior shell will crack and produce tendrils of molten rock and metal ore, most often used to demolish any resistance presented during its pursuit. SCP-4229 will not stop until either (A) 3-5 live, healthy persons are dropped into the volcanic crater2 or (B) the "leader" is dead. Expiration typically occurs when SCP-4229 ensnares it's pursuant in one of it's tendrils, but cause-of-death does not appear to affect the resulting events; SCP-4229 will absorb this individuals corpse into it's core body, then withdraw.

Within 20 minutes, a mote of lava will fall from SCP-4229 containing a duplicate of the deceased. While visually identical, this being will possess no actual biological matter, instead containing a core of animated, super-heated minerals. Any previous proxy will cease animation at this time, crumbling into chunks of volcanic rock. These entities act as a consciousness vessel and communication vehicle for SCP-4229. The first person to speak with this new proxy will always almost always be considered the next "leader".3


EVENT DN-4229-41. Still taken from the body cam of Security Officer Masters, deceased.

Addendum - EVENT DN-4229-41: On 09/03/2018, for the first time in its 73 years of containment, SCP-4229 entered its active state halfway through the lunar month. Current "Leader" Director Morgan Rowell was already on the island collecting soil samples at the time. Including Director Rowell, only 3 personnel were lost in this event.

A proxy emerged only 14 minutes later. In a second unprecedented act, Rowell/4229 were the ones to open communications, demanding to speak to a new "leader". Given the need for expediency, Head Researcher Amelia Thornborrow volunteered.


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