A Lonely Road Along The Coast
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid


The western end of SCP-@.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-@ is to be closed off from the public, under the guise of maintenance, every year from December 24th to December 26th. Any and all vehicles are to be prevented from accessing SCP-@ during this period. Any persons who are successful at accessing SCP-@ are to be apprehended, amnesticized, and relocated away from the anomaly.

On December 25th of every year, a singular plainclothes Foundation agent is to drive down the length of SCP-@ in order to conjure SCP-@-1. Once the entity is conjured, the agent is to interact with it to gain information on the nature of SCP-@.


Location X-1

Definition: SCP-@ is a 3.28 km long stretch of M-261 located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. SCP-@ itself is not anomalous, but is the site of an anomalous event. On December 25th of every year, an incorporeal, sapient entity hereafter referred to as SCP-@-1 will appear at the eastern end of SCP-@.

SCP-@-1 is believed to be Dr. Erika Hund, a Foundation researcher who went missing in December 1997.

SCP-@-1 will stand on the northern side of the road and attempt to gain the attention of passing vehicles. If the entity is successful in gaining the attention of the driver of a passing vehicle, it will move into the woods and motion for the driver to follow it.

SCP-@-1 will lead the driver to Location @-1.

Location @-1 is a small, disused cabin approximately 0.65 km from SCP-@. The cabin is only accessible on December 25th. All attempts to access Location @-1 otherwise are met with failure.

SCP-@ came to the attention of the Foundation after several reports of a "ghost woman" on M-26 were filed to the ██████ ██████ Police Department in 1998. Foundation attempts at locating the anomaly were unsuccessful until SCP-@-1 was sighted by an operative while they were transporting supplies.


Addendum: When approached about her involvement in the death of Dr. Hund, Dr. Thompson attempted to flee before being apprehended by site security. Dr. Thompson is currently awaiting trial.


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