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Several SCP-@-1 instances in the wild.

Item #: SCP-@

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-@ is to be kept in a standard hostile entity containment cell at Site-12. The cell must be cleaned thrice weekly. Raw meat is to be provided twice a day. Access to the containment cell is restricted to Level-3 personnel and above. Personnel entering the cell are to be accompanied by no fewer than two guards armed with tranquilizer rifles.

SCP-@-1 instances are not to be allowed access to the containment cell. Any instances found to be attempting access to the cell are to be captured, restrained, and let back into the wild at least 35 meters from Site-12.

Description: SCP-@ is a bipedal canine, approximately 2.3 meters in height. The entity is covered in coarse, black fur, not including its torso, which is devoid of all fur. SCP-@ communicates in a mix of howls and sounds similar to human screams. How it makes these sounds despite having canine vocal cords is currently unknown. The entity is generally non hostile, only attacking to feed. It only hunts large mammals such as: deer, elk, reindeer, moose, and bears, but has been observed to feed on sea lions and other smaller animals on occasion.

SCP-@ modifies the behavior of undomesticated members of the Canis1 genus within an approximately 35-meter radius, hereafter referred to as SCP-@-1 instances. SCP-@-1 instances will exhibit submissive behavior towards SCP-@, following most commands given to them by the entity, but will generally value their own well being above the entity's commands. This behavior ceases when the instance leaves the 35-meter radius. SCP-@ does not modify the behavior of domesticated canines, other fauna, or humans.

SCP-@ appears to have inspired a significant number of local myths and legends in the American states of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Alaska, and the Canadian Northwest Territories. The most common of these legends being the Michigan Dogman, the Beast of Bray Road, and the Waheela. The first confirmed appearance of SCP-@ dates back to 1887 in northern Michigan, near the town of Pinery. Eleven lumberjacks encountered the entity while they were returning to their logging site. Originally thinking it was a regular wolf, they began to chase it away. The entity then stood on its hind legs and howled, causing the lumberjacks to flee.

SCP-@ was formerly a man by the name Robert Mitchell, the leader of GoI-5112 from 1879 to 1886. After his death in 1886, several members of GoI-511 sought to resurrect him. Combining his body with an anomalous wolf produced SCP-@. The resurrection itself caused Mitchell to go insane, relying only on his basic animal instincts.

SCP-@ was first brought to Foundation awareness in 3-12-1987 after a woman reported that a "werewolf" was trying to break into her home. When local authorities arrived at her house, they encountered the entity, who then fled into the woods. Foundation agents embedded with the police department were able to track it to a house outside the village limits, where it was discovered that the house was a hideout for members of GoI-511. SCP-@ was contained, along with several other anomalous objects and entities.



Addendum XXXX-1: On 6/16/2018, an SCP-XXXX instance was discovered to have achieved the role of CEO within a business conglomerate. Upon attaining the role of CEO, the instance removed the heart of its host. The host did not perish, it was instead anomalously left in a comatose state, and was recovered from outside the corporation's headquarters. The SCP-XXXX instance is currently acting as CEO of Avelar Professional Products Incorporated.