ElCongrio´s SCP-XXXX: ▷Interview XXXX
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▷ Interview XXXX

Interviewee: Doctor David Bloom

Interviewer: Doctor Joseph Milos


There are two guards in front of the door. Doctor Milos sits in his chair and stares at Doctor Bloom. Both stay silent for 1 minute.

Dr. Milos: You know why I'm here, Dr. Bloom. Let's just do it as quickly as possible, okay?

Dr. Bloom: Seriously? Look, I do-I don't want to be an asshole, Doc…(stares at Dr. Milos' coat) Milos, but please, go fuck yourself.

Dr. Milos: What?

Dr. Bloom: Yeah, fuck you! And fuck the Site Director, too! I'm done with your bullshit, and with that apple that you all can shove up your-

Dr. Milos: Shut the fuck up! Look, you just have to tell me what you know about that thing you were assigned to, and we both can go back home, okay?!

Dr. Bloom: (whispering)For fuck´s sake… Alright.

Dr. Milos: Let´s stick to the format. Item number?

Dr. Bloom: SCP-XXXX.

Dr. Milos: Now, object class. And please, don't come up with your "muh ashpesiell an tutelly nessessery objeck claz"

Dr. Bloom: "Apfel". Motherfucker.

Dr. Milos stands up and walks around the room screaming. He sits again after 1 minute.

Dr. Bloom: You see now?

Dr. Bloom: Just tell me what the fuck we're gonna do to contain this shit