FloppyPhoenix - Even Garlic Bread Can Be Creepy
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Item #: SCP-3464

Object Class: Euclid (Neutralized)

Special Containment Procedures: As no new instances of SCP-3464 have been produced, containment is dedicated to the suppression of information regarding SCP-3464's true nature. A dedicated Foundation media coverup team is to maintain the guise of SCP-3464 being an elaborate social experiment executed to raise public awareness of food waste.

449 instances of SCP-3464 are contained in the Low-priority Safe Containment Wing of Site-82. 1 instance of SCP-3464 has been neutralized and subsequently destroyed after the use of an electrodemonic banishment apparatus.

Description: SCP-3464 was a large quantity of garlic bread disseminated throughout the United States and Canada between the months of April and September 2018.

Each instance of SCP-3464 was baked using ingredients typical of garlic bread, which includes mozzarella cheese, garlic shavings, parsley, and yeast. SCP-3464 instances vary in mass from a 0.2 kg slice to a 2 kg loaf. 449 total instances of SCP-3464 have been located as of September 2018.

SCP-3464's anomalous properties manifest prior to their consumption. SCP-3464 will expand until it is 10 times its initial size; its mass grows proportionately, ectoentropically generating new garlic bread. After its growth, SCP-3464 transmits a public service announcement regarding the dangers of food waste using the voice of the late Don LaFontaine1. Each announcement occurs for approximately 5 minutes before the vocalizations cease. Despite its anomalous properties, SCP-3464 is safe for consumption before, during, and after mass alteration and the ensuing vocalization.

On October 13th, 2018, SCP-3464 was confirmed to be the work of Dutch anartist Ignaas Markus (PoI-4312).

Addendum 3464-1: The following is an approximation of the events that took place on September 27th, 2018, when the 450th instance of SCP-3464 (SCP-3464-450) was discovered.

Incident Log 3464-450-Kerala
SCP-3464-450 is found in the kitchen of a Little Caesar's location in Toronto, Canada. The kitchen staff notes that the garlic bread is glowing a bright green. The head chef demands the garlic bread be disposed of immediately. One of the kitchen staff disposes of it, which begins what has been termed a 3464-Kerala event.

The garlic bread begins to grow at a fast rate, quickly filling the kitchen from ceiling to floor. The 9 members of the kitchen staff are unable to leave the kitchen due to SCP-3464-450 blocking all exits, and are pushed against the walls.

The garlic bread begins to enter the eating area. Patrons do not appear to notice SCP-3464-450 at this time.