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Object Class: Not Yet EvaluatedExplained

Threat Level: Not Yet EvaluatedNot Applicable

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-EX-1 and -2 are currently being held in the Site-116 Large Vehicle Hangar.

Description: SCP-XXXX-EX designates a series of large, heavily-armed, therapod-like sapient automata, measuring 4.8 meters in height when standing fully upright and weighing approximately 18 tonnes.
Entities are constructed from a complex steel alloy currently undergoing material analysis, with interlocking plates of the material covering a reinforced skeleton. A number oftotal of 122 bladed and projectile weapons are built into the frame of SCP-XXXX-EX instances, as well as several other devices of unknown functionseveral power generators, thaumaturgic armaments, and computing components. Instances are sapient and fluent in English and Swedish.

Markings on SCP-XXXX-P instances indicate that they are units of the "Lanner" series, constructed by GoI-1115
("Anderson Robotics"). This has been corroborated by the instances themselves in interviews, but Foundation diplomatic agents have not yet gained official confirmation from GoI-1115. In light of this, invasive research efforts have been temporarily suspended until such time as GoI-1115 provides schematics for the "Lanner" series or denies their involvement.SCP-XXXX-EX are manufactured by GOI-1115 ("Anderson Robotics"), and follow thaumaturgic operating principles consistent with a modern understanding of normalcy

Addendum 1: Acquisition
SCP-XXXX-EX-1 and SCP-XXXX-EX-2 were first discovered on 2048-08-08 by Foundation drone systems monitoring the conflict in Sweden. In response to operator reports of large, autonomous mechanical war weapons during a large skirmish in the city of Skövde, a large detachment from MTF Delta-50 was deployed from Site-116 to investigate and contain the anomalies.

Upon arriving at Skövde, Foundation forces discovered that the skirmish had ended. SCP-XXXX-EX-1 and SCP-XXXX-EX-2 were found walking away from the city without escort, toward an unknown destination. Upon being confronted by Delta-50, SCP-XXXX-EX-1 immediately identified the task force. Both instances complied peacefully with MTF agents, and were contained at Site-116 without resistance.

Addendum 2: Interview Log XXXX-P-1