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Author MrPines does not currently have a page for displaying his works on the SCP wiki. The large majority of authors with more than three works have an author page where they display their work, thus allowing users to more conveniently view what they have accomplished. The lack of an author page could be detrimental to MrPines' future success in articles, as users that enjoy his works will have trouble finding a curated list of everything he has made.

MrPines has written three successful articles for the SCP wiki, and as stated by the author page hub, meets the requirements for possession of an author page. Author pages are a useful tool on the SCP wiki to show users the entire body of work by a particular user. Every author has their own style of writing, and users particular to that style will find great comfort in knowing they can go to a singular page for that user to view SCP articles, tales, GoI formats, etc. by them.


We propose the creation of an author page for MrPines, listing his current and eventual future works here on the SCP wiki. This will allow users who enjoy his articles to view his works, their rating and comments, and the hard work he's done, all located on a single page.

At this present moment, MrPines' only reliable way of showing users the entirety of his works is to post direct links to them in the SCP IRC1 channels and the SCPD2 Discord3 chat. This is inefficient and can be streamlined by having him post a singular link to an author page, rather than post several links to SCPs. This can prevent spam that is often a problem when conversing online with other users.


The page is designed to be viewed by users of the SCP wiki. As such, its expected demographic will have no trouble navigating the page and understanding its purpose.

Along with breaking the fourth wall[1], the page will display the theme for Prometheus Labs MrPines created, effectively showing it off. This might possibly let the knowledge of his CSS skills4 be more known to users on the SCP wiki, thus leading to stock price increases to the pleasure of our company's shareholders.


The projected cost for this project is exactly $0 USD. Once complete, the author page will be added to the list of author pages and will be able to function as intended.

Funding for the project will be put towards the existence of the following articles

As well as the following tales

Funding will also be used for sustaining the existence of the following rating module, used to show the general consensus of how users feel about the page.

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The page, in its complete form, is considered to be meta[2]. While meta pages are not objectively worse than regular pages, a majority of the SCP community has recently formed a distaste for meta articles due to a large influx of them upon the release of several articles in the fourth series of SCPs. It is assumed, however, that since the page in question will be an author page,5 the fact that it is meta should not impact its rating negatively if it visibly shows works by MrPines and displays his writing style clearly.

There is also the fact to mention that several other author pages are meta themselves, some executed much better than this one.6

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