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A collection of SCP-972's red blood cells viewed under a microscope.

Item #: SCP-972

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-972 is to be contained in a sterilized Humanoid Containment Chamber. This chamber is to remain ventilated, with ventilated material being stored in Class-1 Biohazard containers. SCP-972 is to be treated with the standard safety precautions for a Class-1 Biohazardous Anomaly.

Description: SCP-972 is a 28 year old, 1.75 meter tall humanoid male of Mediterranean-American descent, previously named "Ronny Daction". SCP-972 has been diagnosed with severe hypochondria, along with a non-anomalous form of leukopenia1, the latter of which causes SCP-972 to be more susceptible to illness. Once a foreign pathogen has entered SCP-972's blood stream, an anomalous immune response will be involuntary triggered.

White blood cells will begin to attach to and reprogram the foreign pathogen cells, causing the foreign cells to begin to attack and reprogram currently unaltered cells in a similar manner as the original white blood cells. This affect does not neutralize any malignancies of pathogens. Once the majority of foreign cells have been converted, they will migrate towards the lungs, and will be exhaled from SCP-972 en masse.

Reprogrammed pathogens will attempt to reenter SCP-972 approximately five minutes after exhalation, mainly through the inhalation of cells. Once cells have reentered the body, previous reprogramming of cells will revert. This leads to the above process repeating indefinitely, causing SCP-972 to be constantly ill for long periods of time.

Addendum 972-1: Interview with SCP-972.

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Interviewed: SCP-972

Interviewer: Researcher Charlotte Mehr



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