Day 0

0000 UTC: My name is General Giorgio Forelli. This is my personal log. Pretty cliche, right? Anyways my squadron is heading out on the front lines of the moon to go to war for the Foundation
Who are we fighting against this week? Apparently, it's a race of aliens from the planet "Corbenic". Dr. Naismith has been going around trying to convince people that they actually wanna help the Foundation but only like two people are buying his schtick and none of them have any power. They're just two punk hipster Junior Researchers. I just hope the aliens can be put down easily

0030 UTC: We finally made it to the moon. The O5's want us to camp here for at least 20 hours and then attack these Corbenic guys. I can see their ships and they're a few miles from here just hanging out in the Copernicus crater.

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