The remaining personnel lead the march towards the gate with all of the world's military and former rival groups behind them. There was no longer a masquerade, or a competition in the anomalous world. There was only mankind. United together in to one front. A North Korean soldier was standing by an American soldier, who was standing by a mercenary who was modified beyond recognition with Anderson brand augmentations covering up his body.

At the head of the pack were the remnants of the O5 Council. They didn't need to hide themselves. Their names were Hanzo Tenshi, Adam Bavitz, Fritz Williams, and Jean-Pierre Bisset. They knew exactly what was about to happen. His course could not be altered, but if man would disappear, they would at least die doing what they do best. Being stubborn.

As they arrived at the gate, Uriel looked down upon Fritz. While not human, the angel seemed to understand him