This is a tale made for the annual SCP Foundation Halloween Contest

You may ask yourself, "wait a minute we do not make articles for holidays, we only make them on Holidays. What is this doing here?"

In which we tell you to remove yourself from that Harrison Ford crushing boulder you are under. We have done this every single year. How have YOU not noticed it? There are only two type of people who are able to see this tale. Personell who have been here since 2015 or Chaos Insurgency hackers. This is assuming they somehow survived the 77 kill agents we put on the pages before this one who would have undoubtedly seen all the Halloween announcements we put up before getting here. You got no excuse, chief.

And you may ask yourself, "well what even ARE these tales supposed to be?"

Just see what the other combatants have currently uploaded to the system. For example, you can see what Junior Researcher Elogee made here and what Dr. Runder wrote can be found with this helpful hyperlink.

Now assuming that you have read those two, and maybe even read a few more by naving your way around. You'll get the idea of what's going down. If not well…


Melt! Melt like the sick bastard you are! Yes that's what I wanted! I hope you feel as good as I do!

Glad that's taken care of. We don't want too many dumbasses reading this.

Now, as of your reading this, you are currently in a costume. Do NOT ask why. But if you really want an answer, think of a melting snickers bar. Keep thinking about it. Think only of snickers bars. Snicker bars. Snicker bars. Snicker bars. Snicker bars. Snicker bars. Snicker bars. Snicker bars.

Ok, none of you have a peanut allergy, that's good. Because of your snickers thoughts, your brain has neither melted or calxogied. That would have been REAL trouble.

Ah yes, snicker bars, perfect segway into our next question. Well, it's not a question because you don't have a choice or even deserve one for that matter.

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