In Good Hands





Special Containment Procedures

As of now, no containment method has been established that is not affected by SCP-X-1's anomalous properties. Containment of SCP-X is currently centered around reducing the damage caused by SCP-X-1's affect.

Personell that are witnesses to SCP-X-1 "accidents" are to be present upon speeches done by SCP-X-2 following the accidents.


SCP-X denotes two entities.

SCP-X- 1 is a caucasian male of Norwegian descent in their late twenties. On the left side of its temple is a bandage that is unable to be removed.

SCP-X-1 anomalously increases the probability of accidents occuring around them. Accidents caused by SCP-X-1's effect are more fatal and cause more property damage than without SCP-X-1's affect. Regardless of the event, SCP-X-1 will be effected the most by the accident. Despite the often fatal situations caused by the accidents, SCP-X-1 will always survive the accident.

This also affects SCP-X's containment as all attempts at containing SCP-X-1 have failed at some point.

SCP-X-2 is an African American male of unknown descent who appears to be in their early fifties.

SCP-X-2 is incorporeal and does not appear unless an accident occurs involving SCP-X-1. Whenever an accident involving SCP-X-1 occurs, SCP-X-2 will manifest and pace around the area of the incident for around two to three minutes before giving a lecture. The contents of the lecture will always1 are often about how SCP-X-1 caused the accident and how individuals can avoid getting themselves in such situations or how to not be injured as heavily if they somehow cannot avoid the situation.

Following the speech, SCP-X-2 will demanifest. This is often done by walking through doors and shutting them or by entering areas out of sight such as chimneys or bushes. After the incident, all witnesses to SCP-X-2's speech are less accident prone and are more likely to survive fatal accidents.

Addendum 1: Accident Log

Date: 13/03/2019

Accident Description: In the Class-D personell and low threat humanoid cafeteria at Site-112, SCP-X-1 was attempting to microwave an enchilada in aluminium foil. Under the affects of SCP-X-1, the microwave exploded at 700 Joules of energy and released upwards of 70 watts of electricity causing several lights to fail inside the cafeteria. SCP-X-1 was sent flying across the cafeteria as a result of the explosion.

SCP-X-2 speech excerpt: "The bane of every American teenage boy is to accidentally put tinfoil in the microwave and run the risk of burning the house down. My friend here, almost a decade after his teen years ended, still makes these flukes."

Damage Caused:
1x Destroyed microwave
3x injured D-Class personnel
4x destroyed sets of florescent light tubes
1x destroyed enchilada

Date: 15/03/2019

Accident Description: SCP-X-1 was being transported via tram-line to a different containment cell within Site-117 due to the one they were currently kept in suffering from an electrical failure. Around fifteen minutes in to the ride, SCP-X-1 requested to use the restroom. The only restroom within the tram transporting them was two cars away thus meaning SCP-X-1 would have to walk between the tram cars.

In the process of passing between the cars, SCP-X-1 slipped on a peanut butter sandwich that was left on the chains connecting the carts, assumed to be left over from a Class-D repair unit. SCP-X-1 fell off the tram and was electrocuted by the 2000 volt tram-tracks.

SCP-X-2 speech excerpt: "… don't forget to always check your step when transferring carts, SCP-X-2 holds a crushed peanut butter sandwich in his right hand because you never know what might be at your feet."

Damaged Caused:
No notable items were destroyed as a result of this accident.

Date: 27/04/2019

Accident Description: Following yet another electrical failure in SCP-X-1's containment cell, SCP-X-1 was being moved by foot to a new cell on the top floor of Site-117. A guard holding SCP-X-1 tripped on a lose shoelace on her boot, letting go of SCP-X-1 in the process. SCP-X-1 used this opportunity to run away to a nearby bridge between the Level-2 humanoid containment sector to the Low Threat Biological Anomalies containment sector that was under construction at the time. They eventually reached a segment of the bridge that was incomplete and hovered for around eight seconds before falling over 65 meters to the ground below. A crane that was carrying an anvil lost control of the anvil around this time leading to it dropping on SCP-X-1 after the fall. SCP-X-1 was found to have a 12 centimeter red lump protruding from the top of their head after the anvil dropped on them.

SCP-X-2 speech excerpt:"…and regardless of where you are on the job, a smaller version of the anvil that dropped on SCP-X-1 falls on to SCP-X-2's head always wear your hard hat."

Damage Caused:

1x Anvil

Addendum 2; Incident X-01

On 11/06/19, SCP-X-1 was brought on to a mock construction site to monitor it's behavior and told that it would gain it's freedom by helping out. At 13:22 PM EST, SCP-X-1 accidentally shot themselves seven times in the forehead with a nailgun when attempting to erect a support beam for the building on the 23rd floor. SCP-X-1 was left dazed and fell off the building into a ditch that was then filled by cement. As usual, SCP-X-2 manifested, but instead of giving their usual speech, SCP-X-2 was instead crying and muttering that SCP-X-1 was "defying logic by dying." After seven minutes of crying, SCP-X-2 crawled in to the back of a cement truck and demanifested. SCP-X-1 was eventually dug out of the ditch and found to be in a comatose state which they did not rise from for two months. A Foundation Medical team transported SCP-X-1 to the nearby Site-139, where they were kept for the duration of their comatose.

On 17/08/19, SCP-X-1 awoke from their coma due to a heart monitor that was hooked up to them short circuiting and electrocuting SCP-X-1. SCP-X-2 manifested and began a speech on how to properly use hospital equipment, prior to noticing SCP-X-1. When they noticed SCP-X-1, SCP-X-2 rejoiced and began to talk to SCP-X-1 for eight minutes. Following the conversation, SCP-X-2 carried SCP-X-1 on to a wheelchair and began to push them out of the medical wing of Site-139, out to the site parking lot. As the two entities passed through the Emergency entrance, SCP-X-2 demanifested, leaving SCP-X-1 on a high speed wheelchair by themselves. SCP-X-1 was then accidentally run down by an SUV driven by Dr. Baubius. As usual, SCP-X-2 manifested and began to give a speech on transporting patients through streets safely. At the end of the speech, SCP-X-2 noticed SCP-X-1 behind him, and called them a "jackass" prior to demanifesting.

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