In Good Hands

"Let's make this simple. Jaymi, hold him down."

As Jaymi's telekinesis held the Saurian down, D-277469 took out his shank and made an incision within it's stomach. Saul pulled out a jar of salt and poured some onto his hand.

"Now, you tell me everything you know about Seitoo, and we'll let you go. Feed us whatever that dumbass puts in your tiny gecko brain, and we'll put you in your place. Saul, start with a little pinch."

Sprinkling the salt on to the reptile released a horrible scream the graced all the survivors ears. Upon the last drop of salt, D-277469 spoke again.

"So pal, speak up! Be smart, and it'll end here."

"You disgusting monkeys don't deserve to know anything about Seitoo! Mere knowledge of his existence would melt the two brain cells floating within your craniums!"

"I ain't got time for this. You lizards are all the same. Gritz, finish him off."

Nesting the grenade within the incision, Gritz and the survivors walked away creating a mess of reptile guts and window glass. An amazing site if it was the first time it happened today.

"Son of a bitch! That's the sixth one today and we ain't made no progress! Somebody in BOTTOMLESSPITT must know something about Seitoo. This is the largest city in history, at least 1 person must know!"

"Hey, D, calm down." Natasha interjected with her usual peacekeeper role. In a world where everything is corroding and rusting, and you are one of five humans left surrounded all sorts of creatures, she did a pretty good job keeping the peace between the four others.

"Let's change our plan a bit," she continued, "Where do you go if you want to get the latest news down here?"

Taking a second to think, D-277469 came up with an answer.

"Geoffrey's or the clubs?"

"I was thinking the first, but yes that too."

"So we're heading to a Geoffrey's? Do we even have enough to pay the entry fee?"

"Next level up has one without an entry fee, it's about 20 minutes to the next level."

"Huh, well, time to get moving."

Reaching the next level, the survivors found themselves in a market place.

To the left, deteriorated clones were selling Humanity era albums on CD's. Names such as Nine Inch Nails, Lil Pump and Run DMC would cost the most while names like Death Grips and Ween were cheap.

To the right, a Sarkic preacher, who was nothing more than a moving pile of flesh and eyeballs, spread the word about the return of Yabaloth. His rambling was overshadowed by a three faced, six armed woman giving a speech about Alexylva university and trying to convince people to come aboard. And in the corner was a sentient piece of graffiti attempting to draw up some flyers for a group that still wasn't cool.

Behind them was a rat :)