Status In Reserve/Selling/Sold/Renting/Acquirable/Unacquirable/Destroyed/Unknown
Demand High/Medium/Low/None
Value (Price Range in USD and GBP)/Not for Sale
Availability None/Unique/Current Inventory (Numerical Value), Estimated (Numerical Value) Worldwide/Established Supply Chain
Identifier An Identifying Name
Description A brief description of the item, detailing only its physical properties. This should not be particularly long, and is more of an executive summary. A good rule of thumb is to make it four sentences long.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Initial Report
Author Full Name Date Month DD, YYYY
Interest High/Medium/Low/None Identifier An Identifying Name
How did MC&D first find this item? This is the place where you should detail that particular event, as either a first person description from the perspective of the author, or as a third person overview of the event.

Of important note is the line break code within tables, where an underscore, _, must be used at the end of any line rather than simply pressing enter within the editor. Thus, if you're copying an MC&D document to Wikidot from an external word processor, it might need some editing. View the page source to see how this works.
File Opened Under: XXXXX/XXXXX/XXXXX
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo XX
Sender Amos Marshall Recipient Ruprecht Carter
A short memo from one person to another should be included here. Perhaps thoughts on the marketability of the item, negotiations with the supplier, or anything else that would be relevant enough to include in the file.

As always, use underscores for line breaks.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP