SCP-4229. Still-frame taken from drone footage of Event DN-4228-43, 11/08/2018.

Special Containment Procedures: 3 FMT Security Cruisers, along with Aquatic Research Vessel "Herron" will maintain afour-point blockade around Site 4229-A.

Current offload to Site 4229-A greatly depends on per-month demands by SCP-4229, and currently includes:

  • 2200-2800kg Cookies (Ex. Nabisco OreosTM, Keebler Brand Chocolate Chip Cookies)
  • 1600-2000kg Potato Chips (Ex. Keloggs PringlesTM, Frito-Lay DoritosTM)
  • 1200-1800kg Pork or beef ribs smoked and marinated.
  • 1200-1800kg chicken wings, seasoned.
  • 1300-1600kg frozen pizza (Any brand)
  • 800-1000kg Nestle Hot PocketsTM.
  • 1300-1600kg assorted chocolates, candies, and sugary confections.
  • 800-1000kg pastries (ex. donuts, danishes, turn-overs)

Description: SCP-4229 is the entity referred to as "ƌsobiue", "Irn'acha", or "God of the Burning Ocean". The Department of Anthropology has connected multiple artifacts and oral traditions to this being; upwards of 19 unique oceanic cultures are theorized to have gone extinct as a direct result of its actions. SCP-4229 resides in an extra-dimensional space, accessible only through an active volcanic crater atop Moaha island (hereafter referred to as Site 4229-A). Outside of this space, SCP-4229 presents as a levitating sphere of molten rock, an estimated 4.2km radius.

At the beginning of each new lunar cycle1, SCP-4229 will cause an earthquake between 3.0-4.0 Richter magnitude. Within the next 24 hours, a large assortment of food must be deposited into the volcanic crater atop Site 4229-A. Each offering must vary in quantity and quality; trial-and-error has shown that uniform amounts are considered "deceptive" by SCP-4229, thus increasing the chance of rejection. Current containment procedures, updated on 11/04/2017, have an unknown chance of being accepted by SCP-4229.

If an offering is rejected, a large-scale eruption event will occur. SCP-4229 will [FILE REVISION IN PROCESSS. SEE INTERVIEW LOG BELOW]


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