SCP-4229. Image taken from shipping vessel 31-998 during monthly offload, 01/07/2019.

Special Containment Procedures: Aquatic Research Vessel "Herron" will remain anchored off of Site 4229-A

Current offload to Site 4229-A includes:

  • 1500kg Cookies (Low-cost Bulk)
  • 1200kg Potato Chips (Low-cost Bulk)
  • 1000kg Chocolate (Low-cost Bulk)
  • 1400kg Pork, any variety.
  • 1000kg Chicken, any variety.
  • 1300kg Beef, any variety.

Description: SCP-4229 is the entity referred to as "Ao'Kakro", "Ōsobiue" "Irn'acha", or "God of the Burning Ocean". The Department of Anthropology has connected multiple artifacts / aural traditions to this being; upwards of 19 unique oceanic cultures are theorized to have extinct as a direct result of it's actions. SCP-4229 is contained in an extra-dimensional space, accessible only through an active volcanic crater atop [REDACTED] island (hereafter referred to as Site 4229-A). SCP-4229 has previously been observed as a levitating sphere of molten rock, now an estimated 8.2km radius.

At the beginning of each new lunar cycle, an large quantity of food must be deposited into the volcanic crater atop Site 4229-A. As a direct result of an ongoing, high-calorie diet, SCP-4229 is no longer capable of exiting this crater, and can only cause earthquakes/volcanic eruptions on a negligible scale.

SCP-4229-A appears incapable of rejecting offerings, and will absorb any and all food deposited into the volcanic crater. The use of slaughterhouse trimmings, excess chemical sucrose, and any other technically "edible" industrial waste-products is under consideration.

CRITTER CREDITS: Ayers, KindlyTurtleClem, IHP